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Each design is functional in its own unique way to serve a variety of settings. We carry many colours and designs to suit any setting and personality. There are so many to choose from, we are confident there is something for everyone!

Ask for more details or to book a viewing/quote for these great new products.



Black Out

Darken your space with black out sunscreens or zebra blinds. It is available to maximize full control of incoming light for those who seek to create a darker room setting. Popular for bedrooms, nurseries and home theaters.


Available in a variety of colours and designs.

Crown Valance

Also known as a "fascia", this is an upgraded finishing look for Roller Shades and Impressions: Printed Shades. This top piece hides the roll of the blind itself. This simple and underestimated addition completes the look, enhancing not only your window covering, but your room altogether. We recommend this option for those who do not like the "open roll" look as it provides great value for small cost.


Available in a rounded cassette design with matching fabric insert or boxed valance, no fabric insert.

Note: Crown valances are included in all Zebra, Wood & Faux Wood blinds. 


Motorized blinds and shades for those who want to live the high life. Kick back on those lazy mornings and let technology do the work! Experience the beauty of remote control blinds and control up to 5 blind units at once. Low maintenance, easy to charge, and more rest and relaxation for you. 

MSRP $450/motor

Our Price: $200/motor

SOLAR MOTORIZATION AVAILABLE @ $300/motor (MSRP: $600/motor)

Remote: $40


Control up to 5 blinds on one remote

Full charge is 24 hours and lasts up to 6 months depending on use and blind weight

Solar motorization requires direct sunlight for proper charging. We do not recommend it for areas that do not have lots of exposure to sunlight (we don't want to disappoint). 

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