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My Mission for Improved Sleep

From time to time, many of us experienced those agonizing sleepless nights. Whether it's stress, staying up too late or noisy neighbours, our sleep takes a hit. And although we all know sleep is important to our health, but we are sometimes guilty of neglecting our sleep or rather, we are not doing what is best. I don't know about you, but I know I have.

Many nights, I laid in my bed with eyes wide open wondering why I haven't made that trip to the Dream World. And despite efforts to improve it - from cutting out that after lunch coffee to avoiding television before bed, my methods just weren't cutting it. And due to the improper sleep, those who were close to me suffered at my moodiness.

It took me some time before I realized that my brain was being kept up. I looked at my window and it dawned on me. Light Pollution. I tried covering up my windows, but it really wasn't too effective. A make-shift window blocker also made me look like I was having trouble filling the fridge /laughs.

I was tired of my windows looking poorly and was on a mission for improved sleep.

According to a article: “Missing the Dark: Health Effects of Light Pollution”, light stimulates our brain, affect our sleep patterns and tell our bodies it is still time to stay up...

Not go to sleep!

Challenging with the 24/7 city lights and city life. How can one avoid it? Poor sleep affects our overall sleep, our mood, and our day. I switched up my window coverings and got Black Out (darkening) window coverings. It was probably one of the best decisions and a simple investment I made. I never looked back. I never slept better.

If you sound a little bit like me. If you struggled even a little bit and you are looking for improved sleep, Black Out or darkening fabric window coverings might be a great soluation. I also add some white noise... I use an air purifier... and sleep like the perfect baby.

Because better sleep make better days.

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