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These are Not Your Mother's Blinds


Over the last few years, homeowners are moving away from the dust-collecting and old-fashioned plastic mini blinds. You know, the ones that tend to bend, break or just not pull up or down right?

If you can't remember, here's a photo to help jog your memory:

Remember now? Good old mini blinds

As a child, I had them in my bedroom and absolutely hated them. I would try to pull them up because I didn't like the gaps of broken plastic slats, but only half of the blind would actually go up!

Lucky for me (and the world), blind coverings have come a long way. As I meet with clients to help them with their window decor, I noticed that some of the style-conscious are skeptical when they hear "blinds". Perhaps due to a past experience similar to my own. And it's common that I take them by surprise to show them these are NOT your mother's blinds! Literally!

As we stay on top of what's current, appealing and functional for our clients, I have noticed that the Zebra Blinds have gained immense popularity. And for good reason. If you have an eye for detail, you may have noticed them more and more in your neighbourhoods.

Zebra Blinds

Here are 5 reasons why these Zebra blinds are growing in popularity:

1. Fabric Design

Fabric and hardware are designed to sit vertically flush, side by side and close to the window. This double roller offers a modern look, better space saving qualities, and deters dust from sticking which overall lowers maintenance and care.

2. Lots of Variety

Variety of colours and patterns to suit any home, business or office. The stand out design draws the attention of all as it allows the decorator to add personality to their windows. Variety of light control is also a great thing about zebra blinds. Open them partially, fully open or fully closed. That is the true beauty of zebra blinds.

3. Blackout Options

As life gets busier and cities get brighter and busier, bed-owners are choosing blackout fabric options for their bedrooms for better sleep. The best things for sleep include a good bed and good window coverings.

4. Crown Valance Elegance (also known as Fascia)

Zebra blinds come standard with a matching crown valance or fascia (at least ours do) to hide inner hardware and components to create an elegant design. The valance front is created with the same fabric to make the blind appear seamless from the top to the bottom.

5. Motorized options

Who doesn’t love be able to sit in bed with 2 remotes? One for the TV and one for the blinds! It's top end luxury and more time to enjoy the little things. More time for movies and shows, less interruption.

Zebra blinds are stunning for any room. They are functional, stylish and fit for all sorts of personalities. Zebra blinds have a great tendency to please everyone. In my experience, they never disappoint!

Stunning white zebra blinds


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