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Why Online Shopping Doesn't Work

But when the items arrived, it wasn't what we expected.

Have you been fooled? You're not alone, many of us have. Myself, especially.

And how could I not get pulled into the world of online shopping? It's easy, convenient and it's attached to a device that is carried for many hours of the day.

There are many successes, but there are many failures. As a specialized window decor consultant, I have thought about making the customized window treatments more convenient through the world of online shopping.

But will it look exactly like the products shown in the photograph? Will it feel the same way? It would truly have room for error and may mislead people - which is exactly what I'm NOT wanting to accomplish. Photos can be deceiving at times.

I believe many things like household items (laundry detergent, tissue and batteries) are fantastic for online shopping because as consumers we know what we are getting. However, when it comes to our daily personal items that we wear, see, or use, I strongly believe thought and time be invested.

2 Things...

Firstly, let's talk about PERSONAL ITEMS like SHOES. A well-made shoe that is something is we potentially wear everyday. Our bodies are affected by the shoes that support how we walk, stand, and even, sit. In turn, this will affect our health. For that reason, a shoe must be tested in the flesh! Buying a pair of shoes simply for fashion may make you look "cool", but you definitely may not feel so cool as you trip down the stairs in those too-high a heel. However, we do know those type of shoes are generally worn for one special night only. If you are looking for a daily shoe, maybe try dropping the device and head to the store.

Secondly, HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS that you see or use everyday. These products can range from anywhere eyeglasses to love seats to office chairs to blinds or curtains.

All of these item examples can designed specifically to meet a need that is not available online or even in the big box stores. You can get these items made out of a cookie cutter, however it may not serve you and your home well and here's why:

1. Items tend to be mass produced which may mean they were poorly made

2. Items are not made to suit YOU and YOUR lifestyle which leads to dissatisfaction

3. You may have to replace this item again due to dissatisfaction (which may actually cost you more in the long run)

Some things are worth investing the time and money in. After all, the saying goes "You get what you pay for".


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