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About a decade ago, we envisioned a company that delivered premium quality interior window decor inspired by Europe's distinct designs. To make luxury and personal designs well-priced so it is attainable for everyone!

Our family started out with curtains and draperies, and eventually expanded our offerings to blinds and shades for a more complete window decor look. 

​Over the years, we listened to our customers and continued to grow to meet customer requests. In 2016, we realized we were not offering customers what they truly wanted or needed - a FULL SERVICE experience. One which included: sample sharing, consultation, estimates, measurements and installation done by passionate window experts in the comfort of their home. We started offering the service by request, but it became so popular we decided to move in that direction altogether!


In 2017, we made the decision to close our brick and mortar store and go FULLY MOBILE. Window Gallery Decor is now able to offer free in-home quotes and measurements, and handle basic installations affordably in the Toronto & Surrounding Area. We are so proud of our accomplishment and are looking forward to providing better and better service.

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