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It's easy to take window coverings for granted. They hang on your walls quietly and perform the job they were originally intended for - generally, the purpose is privacy but they are often times the underdog of interior design. Interior decorators, designers and enthusiasts will tell you otherwise. 

By optimizing your window coverings, you can achieve quite a lot. 


Here are 6 benefits (including the Privacy) how a good window covering can serve you:



With the right blinds or curtains, you can turn your room into a sanctuary for rest and relaxation or enhance the lighting for a more effective work space. One simple swap of the window decor has the ability to transform the situation whether you want to add colour, create themes or instill a feeling.  



When strategically installed, window coverings can enlarge a room and once-small windows. With life in the city and a growing population, space can be increasingly challenging. This simple yet effective technique to redesign tight rooms or for those who just want a grand view!

3. PRIVACY (of course!)

Privacy is a must for any home. Have the power to adjust the slats of your blinds or draw close your curtains together for added safety and security. This is the why window coverings exist in the first place, but there are many option on how you would like to control that privacy. 



Window coverings have a great ability to soften the harsh sunlight or accurately control incoming light with your fingertips. You can brighten the room or set the mood for an intimate night in. With so many fabric choices, you can control how much light is coming in and how the light will be dispersed whatever room that may be.


Not all windows are the same. In fact, even two windows side by side that may look "exactly" the same will have slight variations in measurements. This happens when the frames and the room is not perfectly straight which can occur during construction or overtime wear and tear. An inch here or there can make all the difference which is why proper fitting is key. You don't wear a large if you're a medium.. if you want to look sharp, that is.


Window coverings provide effective insulation, offering your home extra protection against heat loss during the colder seasons and heat gain over the hotter seasons. Not just flattering to the eye but also to your pocket.

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